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  • £19.00

    My wooden linear teardrop earrings are made from 3mm solid oak, sanded smooth and laser engraved with my own design. They dangle from handmade sterling silver earwires.

    These started with a simple digital drawing I made, then I laser engraved and cut this from 3mm thick oak that I prepared. Then I drilled them and finished them with an oil & wax coating, before attaching the sterling silver eyepin and handmade sterling silver hook.

    These hooks were designed by me, especially for this range of jewellery, so the wooden shapes hang further away from your ear rather than colliding with your face. I’ve made a point of attaching these wooden shapes in a neat and unobtrusive way, so as to maintain the elegance of the earrings.

    These wooden earrings are very lightweight, so if like me you love big earrings but your ears don’t like them heavy, these are for you! they weigh just 1.3 grams each.

    The drops measure 41mm x 27mm, earring total length 71mm. They come with clear plastic stoppers for extra security.

    I make these to order, so the grain and exact colour of the wood and the burned in design may vary slightly.