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Here is where you'll find a selection of my individually handmade lampwork beads and marbles

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Find out more about me and my work, How I make my glass beads, have a nose around my studio

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Hi I’m Madeline, I make glass beads, marbles and jewellery using those handmade beads, gemstones and sterling silver

Here on my website you can find out more about me and my work, you can also buy my work
Broadly speaking, its divided into two shops, Most of my glass beads and marbles are on Etsy, ( listed up above as ‘bead shop‘) and I have my jewellery right here on this site. I now also have a small beads section here on the website too.
For convenience, the contents of my Etsy shop are displayed within this site, though when you click on one you’ll be taken to Etsy where it not only displays better, you can use the categories and search functions, and of course it will allow you to buy things!

There are a few items that cross over, for example, most of the focal beads I sell on Etsy have an option for me to make them into a pendant for you, and there are also my glass pendants which are a little like my marbles, only flatter and have a glass loop, those are currently still living over on Etsy

If you have questions, comments, or you’d like me to make something special just for you, please feel free to contact me
You can also sign up for my mailing list for very occasional emails about what I’m up to.

if Instagram or facebook are your thing, please feel free to like my page, or come and follow me it would be hugely appreciated!

There’s also some dull but important things like ts & cs , FAQs and my privacy policy, if that’s your kind of thing.
(you’ll be reminded to read them if you should enter any details or purchase something!)